Since last year, I’ve been working on and struggling with a paper mixing pieces of autobiography with epistemological musings and thoughts on psychiatric treatment in one big mess; at different stages, sometimes one and sometimes another element has been the main one. Eventually I decided (after talking things over with, among others, psychiatrist and psychiatric researcher Rosa Ritunnano, philosophy colleague Per-Erik Milam and others) to split the text into two papers. It turned into one epistemology paper with a final section on psychiatry and further research, which is now out on review, and an autobiographical one, which has been published in The Schizophrenia Bulletin here: My strategies for dealing with radical psychotic doubt: a schizo-something philosopher’s tale.

Furthermore, Şerife Tekin has published her comments on my paper Solving the Self-illness ambiguity here My illness, my self, and I: when self-narratives and illness-narratives clash. She both praises me and writes that I simplify a lot towards the end, and well… she’s got a point. The topic could fill a book, not just one paper.