Humans versus demons

 a techno-fantasy series

How can we ever defeat the demons, when we’re nothing but souls among cogs, wheels, and springs?

I began writing fiction in the fall of 2018, in order to do something fun and creative out of old psychotic horror experiences. Based on these, I created a fictional world where demons, magic, and cyborgs not only exist but are ordinary and unremarkable to the inhabitants of this world.

At first, I considered my fictional writing a fun hobby alongside philosophy, nothing more. However, I now work on an entire book series, which you’ll one day see published.

My new interest in writing stimulated me to draw more as well. I spent two years in art schools in the late nineties; for a brief period of time, I even thought about pursuing a professional career as an artist. This didn’t happen, but I have kept up drawing as a hobby. Nowadays, I draw characters and scenes from the books I write and post the pictures on my Instagram account.